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CERRIE Fails to Find Agreement

Minority report released by Low Level Radiation Campaign
30 August 2004

The Committee Examining Radiation Risks from Internal Emitters (CERRIE), which was set up by former environment minister Michael Meacher to review models used to estimate health risks from radioactive materials, has failed to include the minority report of dissenting scientists from 'The Low Level Radiation Campaign' (LLRC). Scientists representing Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth were among those who agreed not to include the opinion of LLRC and the exact reasons their opinion was not included are not clear at this point.

Michael Meacher has reacted angrily to the news, accusing the final report of giving a one-sided establishment opinion. What is clear is that the failure of CERRIE to reach a position on the dangers of low level radiation is a grave disappointment for all those who campaign on the issue and were hoping it represented a unique opportunity for an authoritative new understanding of the issue.`


The minority report is being released by LLRC and copies can be obtained by emailing