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...parliamentary work, new CADU worker, ICBUW animation and an A10 gunship is guest at Fairford
9 August 2011

Parliamentary work expands
CADU was delighted by the news from Costa Rica of the passage of a domestic ban on DU weapons. We look forward to the day when similar legislation is passed in the UK - as part of a global uranium weapons convention, naturally!

To bring that goal a little nearer, we have been continuing with our parliamentary work programme. You will recall from the last issue that we had been doing a lot of work around EDM825 and the UN General Assembly resolution on user transparency. By way of a continuation of that work, we are in the process of assembling a formal cross party group on DU weapons. The group will provide us with a parliamentary platform on DU that will help raise the profile of the issue. UWN is currently fundraising to ensure the project’s sustainability. It is crucial work and all donations are gratefully received!   

ICBUW animation completed
Well, it took considerably longer than anticipated but it was well worth the wait. In February, ICBUW launched its new six minute animated short on DU and the campaign for a global ban. Entitled: When the Dust Settles, the film has already had more than 4000 views online and is being translated into several languages. The project was funded by Dutch NGO IKV Pax Christi and we are very grateful for the hard work of the animator Spencer Cross, staff of the Sound Company and broadcaster Susan Rae.

You can watch it via ICBUW’s Youtube channel at DVD copies are available from the CADU office for use at events and meetings.

New CADU Campaigner
By the time this newsletter is published, we hope to have recruited a new CADU Campaigner. The successful candidate will replace Development Worker Doug Weir who is now working full time for ICBUW. It is anticipated that the new Campaigner will focus on rejuvenating CADU’s grassroots campaign work. We have sufficient funds for a 12 month part time position - thanks to the generous legacy of Richard Crump but require donations for advocacy work and to extend the position further.

New Network partners
The UWN grows ever larger with four new organisations joining us. The latest members to join the Network are the Islamic Foundation for Ecological and Environmental Studies, Peace News, Volunteer Action for Peace and Scientists for Global Responsibility. Welcome!

CADU website
After huge delays caused by limited funds and capacity, we are happy to announce that the new CADU website will go live in the next few weeks. We hope it will be worth the wait.

ACTION ALERT: Fairfield Air Tattoo

The Fairford Air Tattoo returns to the skies of Gloucestershire on Friday 15th July to Sunday 17th July. This event, which masquerades as a charity whilst simultaneously inviting all the biggest arms dealers from around the world will go one stage further this year – it  will proudly  exhibit the American A-10 tank buster as one of its star attractions at the show.

This is the plane that has fired hundreds of tonnes of DU across Iraq and the Balkans. In mockery of those families whose lives have been blighted by DU, it will be used in this year’s show for family entertainment.

CADU, and a coalition of climate and anti-militarist groups intend to stand in solidarity with all innocent victims of war and will be cycling en masse to the air show in aid of the victims of DU and in support of the ongoing campaigns to get DU banned.  Friday is the ”industry” day when arms deals are made, Saturday and Sunday are the public days where about 150,000 are expected on both days. We will stick to the well marked traffic routes and of course hope to keep to a minimum the chaos that we can cause on the roads!

There will be a series of events during the weekend: bands playing Bob Dylan’s Master of War on Friday evening (at a location that will be announced on the morning of Friday 15th  on the Facebook site Fairford Air Tattoo Sponsored Bike Ride ( and we are also planning various workshops on the alternatives to a war based economy. To gauge numbers please either join the Facebook group or contact the organisers at to confirm if you are coming. Bikes can be hired from who can arrange drop off and pick up at Kemble Railway Station.

Please come with your camping equipment to face down one of the biggest events legitimising the military industrial complex’s use of inhumane and indiscriminate weapons.