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Campaign update: 2011

It has been another busy autumn here at CADU...
21 December 2011 - Aneaka Kellay

In the summer we decided to chart a new strategic direction and focus our energies on the CHARM3 renewal decision (page 4&5).

Since the summer it has been full steam ahead with launching the new campaign, organising for the international day of action and London speaker event (page 3), and pushing forward with parliamentary work.  We were barely able to pause a moment when news of the MoD legal review fiasco was revealed (page 1)! With the MoD suitably embarrassed we will continue to push the campaign against depleted uranium in the new year, and are optimistic for the future of the campaign.

UWN’s Parliamentary work
Parliamentary work continued this autumn providing some great opportunites for CADU. In September the Uranium Weapons Network held a second All Party Parliamentary Group meeting with MPs which focused on the legal status of DU weapons. Following on from this meeting Katy Clark MP contacted the MoD with questions on the legality of CHARM3. This lead to the revelation that CHARM3 has never been legally  reviewed (page 1). The story was picked up by mainstream media and has been an asset to building momentum for the Don’t DU It campaign (page 4&5).

During this period Peter Bottomley MP tabled EDM 2318 on the CHARM3 renewal decision and we currenly have 57 signatures. We are hoping to break the 100 signatories mark so do get in touch with your MP and ask them to sign it.

After being with us since June 2010 our parliamentary campaigner Lev Eakins decided to move on to new horizons. We’d like to thank Lev for all his hard work, and for bringing the campaign into a stronger position through his enthusiastic focus on parliamentary work. We are pleased to welcome Rachel Thompson who has taken over this post as parliamentatry campaigner and will work with Aneaka to continue UWN’s work in 2012.

New CADU report coming soon
The CADU worker Aneaka is currently working on a new report that will examine the UK’s policy on DU over the last 20 years. The report will chart how policy has changed in response to public outcry over the use of DU. She has been busy looking through decades of parliamentary records, correspondance with the MoD, archive data and the numerous independant reports on DU. The report will be finished and ready to download from our website in February.  

CADU website
After huge delays caused by limited funds and capacity, we are happy to announce that the new CADU website has gone live! We hope it has been worth the wait. Do have a look at it at

This autumn we received grants from the Trust for Research and Education on the Arms Trade, the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, the Polden-Puckham Charitable Foundation and the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust. We are extremely grateful for all the support received and hope our funders and members will continue to help us push the campaign forward in these exciting times!

And lastly,  note from our co-ordinator ...

As you can see from CADU News that the work is having interesting and sucessful outcomes. However we still work on an extremely tight budget. Any donation you could send will be put to good use.

Wishing everyone a Happy and Peaceful New Year
May welfare come before warfare.

Rae Street