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Italian Inquiry Into Balkan Syndrome a Debacle

The Italian inquiry into DU and Balkan Syndrome suffered a set back last month after the Italian Defence Minister was accused of using spoiling tactics to delay the appointment of committee members.

The committee was established last November and, so far, has done absolutely nothing. It was convened after large numbers of Italian peacekeepers returned home and began to develop leukaemia and other ailments. It is suspected that DU exposure is the chief culprit.

“It is outright sabotage aimed at hindering the work of the inquiry into depleted uranium deaths,’’ said Gigi Malabarba, chief senate whip for the PRC Party. ‘’The major culprits are Defence Minister Martino and ForzaItalia, who have resorted to spoiling tactics such as delaying the appointment of committee members and interfering with the appointment of other party members.’’ Following the claims, Defence Minister Martino accused the Left and Malabarba of ‘unacceptable political point scoring’.

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Page last updated: September 8, 2005