Campaign Against Depleted Uranium

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The Movement to Ban Depleted Uranium

CADU 30: January 2009
141 states support second uranium weapons resolution
The Foreign Office Respond to Your Letters
Celebrating Richard Crump

CADU 29: October 2008
Developments at the UN - a new Impetus for Campaigning
Ideas for your ‘Dear Jim’ Letters
Co-op to ban involvement with DU

CADU 28: May 2008
ICBUW Geneva UN Workshop Report
May 2008 Campaign Update

CADU 27: December 2007
UN General Assembly Passes DU Resolution
ICBUW Launches Bank Disinvestment Campaign
UN First Committee Passes DU Resolution

CADU 25: April 2007
Belgium Bans Uranium Weapons And Armour
ICBUW Lobby in Geneva
Report From the Oslo Conference on Cluster Munitions
Campaign News Spring 2007

CADU 23: June 2006
Nukewatch Activists Imprisoned
Campaign News Spring 2006

CADU 22: December 2005
Once, Twice, Three Times A Democracy? EP Makes Third Call For DU Moratorium
DU Activists Mobilise For Third International Day Of Action
CADU In Geneva: ICBUW Hosts DU Workshop For Diplomatic Staff
Campaign News: Winter 2005

CADU 21: August 2004
Wallace Would Have Been Proud: Genuine Democracy Greets The G8
Brussels ICBUW Conference Report: For A Ban On Uranium Weapons
Nukewatch Victorious As Fourth Minnesota Jury Clears Them of Tresspass
CADU in Hiroshima For 60th Bomb Anniverary

CADU 20: March 2004
CADU Postcard Campaign Makes MoD's Day
Latest from CAAT's Clean Investment Campaign
International Petition Now Online

CADU 19: December 2004
European Social Forum
International Day of Action November 6th 2004
Bank Watch: How Clean is Your Bank?
CADU Gigs Makes £300
Thank You Camille

CADU 18: September 2004
Coming Soon - The Third International Day of Action
Launch of International Petition Campaign
Exemption to Labeling of DU Munitions Not Renewed
Free Huda Ammash
Draft Convention to Ban Uranium Weapons Now Ready
CADU at the Boston Social Forum

CADU 17: Spring 2004
New Campaigning and Information Pack Available from CADU
DU Protests in Warwickshire
'Friendly Fire' Newsletter 1 ICBUW

CADU 16: Winter 2003/04
Formation of the International Coalition for a Ban on Uranium Weapons
Campaign to Force Labelling of DU Munitions in Transportation
28 Anti-DU Protestors Found Not Guilty
World Uranium Weapons Conference

CADU 15: Summer 2003
Questions in Parliament
Bigger and Better - The Second International Day of Action Against Depleted Uranium Goes with a Bang
A-Bomb Survivors Speak Out Against DU
Damacio Lopez in Manchester
Conference in New York on the Health Effects of DU

CADU 14: Spring 2003
The Implications for Campaigning
The Second International Day of Action Against DU- Holding them to Account- 29th May 2003
European Parliament Calls for Ban on DU Weapons
And DU Bill in Congress
Very Significant New Study into Chromosomal Damage Caused by DU
250 People Attend Action at Alliant Techsystems
Citizens Inspection Team Enter DU Weapons Plant in Oak Ridge, Tennessee
Biggest Ever UK Anti-DU Action at Scottish DU Test Site
Protesters block Lockheed Martin facility in search for WMDs
Rally to Prevent Uranium Enrichment Plant Being Built
Bodies Spell Out NO WAR NO DU!
DU Victim Loses Funding For Court Case

CADU 13: Winter 2002/3
3 women arrested on DU action
Human Rights Day conference on Iraq
Forthcoming DU Book

CADU 11: Summer 2002
Anti-DU International Day of Action a Success
Action at Army Recruitment Office
European Solidarity Delegation in Iraq
Campaign to Adopt a Vieques Prisoner of Conscience
US Prisoners

CADU 10: Spring 2002
DU Days of Action - Please Circulate Widely
15 Activists Found Guilty of Speaking the Truth
BNFL DU Controversy

CADU 9: Winter 2001/2002
Report from the Prague DU Conference
Peace Activists Arrested at Air Base
Discounted Casualties: New DU Book
New DU Documentary

CADU 8: Summer 2001
Anti-DU Actions in the UK
Chief War Crimes Prosecutor is Asked to Prosecute NATO for DU
US/UK Defeated on DU Vote at UN Subcommission
New DU Book

CADU 7: Spring 2001
The Use of Uranium in Munitions & Industry at the European Parliament

CADU 6: Winter 2000/2001
International Conference Moves Anti-DU Campaign Forward
CADU Conference Feedback
Veterans For Peace - Relief to Iraq
Internation Week of Actions for a Ban on Depleted Uranium
National Week of Action : January 15th - 21st
International Conference in Gijon, Spain : November 24th & 25th
CADU Petition

CADU 4: Autumn 2000
The Tooth Fairy & the Truth About Nuclear Pollution
A List of Concerned Politicians - Can You Help?
Depleted Uranium at the United Nations
Another Report...
DU Prisoners
DU: Nine Parliamentary Questions at EU Parliament
Action at Featherstone

CADU 3: Winter 1999/2000
NGO Committee on Disarmament
DU Action at UN
Report from Ban-DU, a US partner to CADU
Jury Backs Campaigner's Anti-DU Graffiti
Dan Fahey's Policy Paper on DU
Website to Look At
CADU Website
CADU Display for 'Hire'
Proposed CADU International Conference in Manchester
Videos Available
Current UK Government Position on DU

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