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The Second International Day of Action Against Depleted Uranium - Holding them to Account- 29th May 2003

The second Day of Action Against Depleted Uranium is again going to be on the 29th May this year. Last year was great with actions happening truly all over the world. This year with press attention over the use of DU in Iraq and, of course, outrage at the war it will hopefully be even better. CADU has hada good response so far with many new groups getting in touch saying they want to organise actions in their area. We really encourage everyone to take part and make it a day that belongs to all those who want justice against uranium weapons. At CADU we are encouraging all groups and individuals to organise something whether it be giving out leaflets or visiting a company involved with DU in their area. Giving out information at Army Recruitment Centres, carrying out citizens' inspections, and phoning companies or politicians to make your views known are all effective actions that groups of any size can carry out. Holding a stall, showing a film, organising a meeting and giving out leaflets are all good ways to spread the message about DU further.

CADU is working to support people and groups who want to do actions on the day. We can provide information on targets and active groups working against DU in your area. We have prepared flyers to advertise the day and have an (updated) list of places and companies connected with depleted uranium in Britain. We can try to find out targets for those interested in other countries as well. Also we have leaflets that are suitable to for different types of actions that we can send out. If there is any other type of support we can help you with please do let us know. If you are based outside the UK and are willing to act as a contact point for any enquires we receive at CADU from your country or area that would be very useful for strengthening international anti-DU networks. Please let CADU know if you organising anything for the 29 May so we can include it in publicity. By working together we can ensure that the British and US governments are held responsible for the suffering they have inflicted.

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