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Bigger and Better - The Second International Day of Action Against Depleted Uranium Goes with a Bang

The Second International Day of Action took place on 29th May 2003 and had a fantastic response. Actions took place all over the world and dwarfed last year's event, which shows the growing concern over the use of depleted uranium. Below is a selection of reports received by CADU to give an idea of the international flavour of the day.

In Tuscon, Arizona, USA, the day was marked in 18' chalk letters that give a warning to Tucson's A-10 pilots. As dawn broke in Tucson Thursday morning, May 29, pilots approaching Davis-Monthan AFB could see broad strokes of white gypsum, marking letters in the brown Sonoran soil. Near the north end of the runway, the ecological graffiti reads:
A-10 + DU =
The A-10 combat aircraft is the major battlefield source of toxic and radioactive ammunition made from DU.

At Dundrennan DU test fire range in Scotland, there was a funeral march to the gates, with several children carrying a coffin. There were several speakers, then there was a mass die-in. Next some 'weapons inspectors' went off and wandered around the perimeter fences of the base. Around 70 people attended and Scottish TV news covered the action.

In Perth, Western Australia, leaflets were handed out at a vigil - to let people know that the day was happening.

In Nashville Tennessee, USA a group went to Congress man Jim Cooper's office. They had a petition with 40 signatures asking Mr. Cooper to support the proposed Depeted Uranium Munitions Study Act of 2003 (H.R. 1483).

Orangutan Seen In Action Against DU in Berlin! It was seen in pretty wild action in front of the subsidary of Lockheed Martin in the Europa House. It has been reported that he was throwing around flyers for the AntiNuclearPlenary Berlin as part of the day.

A Japanese group, Anti-Radiation-Exposure Campaign of Kansai, based in Osaka, had an educational meeting on DU, and the recent nuclear and military policy of US. They went to the local embassy of the US in Osaka to appeal against DU and submit protest notes to them.

More than two dozen people were arrested for trespassing at the Edina, Minnesota, USA headquarters of Alliant Techsystems, US, as they protested the company's role in producing munitions containing DU. More than 200 people held a vigil outside the company to protest the munitions.

International Physicians Against Nuclear war in Greece held a Press conference focusing on the use of DU weapons.

Science for Peace in Toronto. Canada, showed the video 'Invisible War' in support of the International Action Against DU weapons.

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