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JOIN IN! - The International Week of Actions for a BAN on Depleted Uranium

Military Toxics Project in the US are planning a week of actions against DU for the week of January 15th - 21st, 2001. This week marks the tenth anniversary of the Gulf War.

There are several ways your organization can get involved in the efforts to ban DU:
Participate in and get the word out about the Week of Actions. Military Toxics Project would also like your organization to take a position in support of an international ban on DU weaponry. Your organization can pass a resolution calling for a ban, participate in the petition drive to ban DU (contact the CADU office for a copy of the International Petition, also see article on back page regarding CADU’s own petition, which will be handed in to Geoff Hoon, Minister of Defence during this week of action), and write letters to the editor and your members of Parliament in support of the ban. As most of the efforts are focused in the US, it might be an idea for UK and other non US based groups to write to the new President of the United States.
Groups and individuals in the UK could also decide to take action at their local DU site, or perhaps visit their local MP.

Everyone can write to Geoff Hoon, Minister of Defence - Ministry of Defence, Main Building, Whitehall, London, SW1A 2HB
Tel: 020 7218 2111, or fax 7218 7140 or web site

Be sure to make the following points in order to avoid a useless answer:
a) while externally DU is only of low-level radioactivity, there is a mounting body of evidence that the inhalation of insoluble DU particles can cause adverse health effects
b) that the MoD should apply the precautionary principle - because there is doubt as to the effects of DU, it should not be used until it can be proved to be safe Action For Iraq.

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From CADU News 6: Winter 2000/2001

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