Campaign Against Depleted Uranium

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International Conference in Gijon, Spain, Nov 24 / 25

Another Anti-DU conference in Spain was attended by a large number of delegates, including many of the speakers who had attended the CADU Conference plus other speakers such as Ramsey Clark. It was organised by the Arab Cause Solidarity Committee in the frame of the Spanish Campaign for Lifting the Sanctions on Iraq. The Final Declaration issued at the end of the conference had the following demands:
* That munitions and military equipment made with DU be considered as NON-conventional weapons highly dangerous to the health of peoples and the environment.
* The use of munitions made with DU be considered as war crime and a crime against humanity, strongly punishable by International Law.
* Placing an International ban on the Manufacturing, Storage, Marketing, Possession, testing and Using of DU munitions and all types of military equipment made with DU.
* The destruction of all types of munitions and military equipment made with DU, putting the waste into safe storage.
* The decontamination of areas polluted through the use of DU munitions and equipment both near places of manufacturing and testing of DU and in battle fields where it has been used, in particular the Gulf and the Balkan regions, specifically in Iraq and Yugoslavia.
* That the International community provides technical and health assistance both to Iraq and Yugoslavia. This assistance is meant to help all those affected by contamination resulting from the use of DU munitions.
* That the U.S. and British Governments, and all other NATO members provide