Campaign Against Depleted Uranium

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Anti DU Actions In UK

CADU Action at Armed Forces  Recruitment Centre
Many  bemused passers- by took  one look  at the front of the leaflet we gave  out in front of the Manchester Armed Forces Recruitment office on July 29th  and immediately turned it over to see what it was all about.  They obviously  didn’t see the connection between the picture of  the wheelchair and the  military.  (They can’t have been reading our newletters!) . We hope that those young  men, perhaps “persuaded” by their benefits offices  into visiting the recruitment centre, will think twice about joining up after reading  our leaflet.  We noticed that the soldiers staffing the centre were very keen that  potential recruits avoid  contact with us and these were ushered  in  very  speedily when we engaged them in conversation!   This was a useful exercise in giving out information that has been denied to  British soldiers in the past and that even now is  not welcomed  by the  authorities.  It is something a very small group of people can  do in any town that  has an army recruitment office.  It would also be useful to leaflet any  recruitment or military  information stand at a summer  fair or  agricultural show.   Please contact the office if you would like some leaflets or if you would  like to  borrow the excellent posters that DAAMDU have produced.  You can use  your own props, such as an empty wheelchair or a zimmer frame!    We have  a right to demonstrate peacefully. Let's use it as often as we can.   

Protesters swim across moat in action at MoD Procurement  Centre, Bristol DAAMDU ( Direct Action Against Militarism and Depleted Uranium)  held a successful early morning demonstration at the new 50  million M.o.D Procurement Centre in Bristol on June 18th .The  Centre is a very beautiful modern building surrounded by  curvaceous moat  and ornamental gardens.  The perimeter fence which faced a busy roundabout was soon decorated  by various banners including the CADU one. Peace activists picketed  the entranc