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Comment on the War on Terrorism

CADU condemns both the terrorist attacks of September 11th and the proceeding bombing of Afghanistan by US and UK forces. We do not believe the latter will either create real security from terrorists attacks, nor destroy terrorist networks. We do believe that the ‘war on terrorism’ will cause deaths of many thousands of innocent civilians before it is ended, especially when bombs such as ‘cluster bombs’ (landmines with a different name) are used. Some politicians are saying we have ‘won the war’ - and we ask which war? Not the war on terrorism, for terrorists surely still present a great threat. Not the war which was to achieve democracy in Afghanistan, because the Northern Alliance are also human rights abusers and it is doubtful that a lasting peace and democracy will result. Rather than resorting to an immediate display of military might, the US and other western countries, must begin to examine their foreign policy if we are to achieve real safety from terrorism. Many thousands of innocent children and people die every day as a result of the US military or economic policy. Just one example - US support for Israeli dominance and abuse of Palestinian rights in the Middle East which has angered many Muslims - underlines why the US is a focus of anger among poorer countries around the world. Further bombings of Iraq, Syria, or any other country will only serve to increase this hatred and fuel the terrorists cause. The US and Britain must stop their increasing militarisation and war-mongering and look to negotiations and peaceful means (such as using the International Criminal Court, which is yet to be set up due to the US’s refusal to ratify the agreement) to solve crises. And let us not forget: if we didn’t train and sell arms to terrorists in the first place ,we would not be facing these problems now.

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From CADU News 9: Winter 2001/2002

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