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The Gulf War Veterans

CADU 26: April 2007
UK's Depleted Uranium Oversight Board Release Final Report

CADU 23: June 2006

US To Introduce Comprehensive DU Testing Regime For Veterans

CADU 22: December 2005
US States Introduce Veteran Testing Programme
Belgium Sets New Veteran Testing Standard

CADU 19: December 2004
Gulf War Syndrome & the Lloyd Report

CADU 18: September 2004
UK DU Test for Veterans "Too Little, Too Late"
Independent Gulf War Syndrome Inquiry in London

CADU 17: Spring 2004
MoD Forced to Pay Pension for DU Contamination
Gulf War Vets Babies 50% more likely to have Birth Defects
Political Heat Rises in the US as Soldiers Test Positive for DU
Gulf War Syndrome Legal Case Collapses
Isotope Analysis Shows Exposure To Depleted Uranium In Gulf War Veterans

CADU 16: Winter 2003/04
British Soldiers Contaminated with DU

CADU 15: Summer 2003
Birth Deformities in Gulf War Vet's Kids
Are People Sick Already?
The Testing Scandal - Accurate Testing for All Returning Troops?
Gulf War Illness an 'Official Myth'

CADU 14: Spring 2003
Gulf War Illness II
The Ministry of Defence Launches Challenge to Recognition of "Gulf War Syndrome"

CADU 13: Winter 2002/03
Gulf Vets warn Against Use of DU in future War in Iraq
Stress not cause of Gulf War Syndrome
Gulf syndrome' forces vicar's retirement
New website for Gulf War veterans

CADU 12: Autumn 2002
Study Finds Half of Veterans with Gulf War Illness Tested positive for Depleted Uranium…
...While Another Study find Evidence of Enriched Uranium!
Scientist Working on DU in Veteran's Samples Forced to Leave Job
Children of Soldiers who served in DU Wars More likely to Suffer Genetic Diseases
British Government May Finally Admit that Gulf War Illness Exists
Canada to (Hopefully) Study Veteran's Illnesses
Paris prosecutor's office opened a judicial inquiry into DU

CADU 11: Summer 2002
Court Makes Landmark Ruling on Gulf War Syndrome
But Other UK Veterans Still Face Pension Fight
US Congress to Hold Gulf War Hearing in London
Controversy on DU Weapons Resurface in Italy
Norwegian Study Finds No Health Damage to Soldiers from DU Ammunition
Malaysian Soldiers Blame Lung and Kidney Complaints on Balkans Stint

CADU 10: Spring 2002
Gulf War Illness a Myth!

CADU 9: Winter 2001/2002
Government Study Links Gulf War and Fatal Disease
A Chance for Justice for UK Vets At Last?

CADU 8: Summer 2001
War Veterans Hail News on Radiation Tests

CADU 7: Spring 2001
Depleted Uranium in Iraq and Gulf War Veterans
Potential Health Effects
The Use of Uranium in Munitions & Industry at the European Parliament

CADU 6: Winter 2000/2001
MoD Failed to Inform Gulf Soldiers of DU Risks
'Veterans for Peace' - Relief to Iraq
Iraqis and Former GIs to Sue in US Over DU
Portugese Forces in Kosmet "Uranium Meat"
New US Vice-President : Comment on DU

CADU 4: Autumn 2000
Tests Could Show Gulf Veterans Have DU Poisoning
US Veterans to go to Iraq to Rebuild Water-Treatment Facilities

CADU 3: Winter 1999/2000
Gulf Veterans Present Evidence to Defence Committee
National March and Demonstration for Gulf War Veterans

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