Campaign Against Depleted Uranium

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Depleted Uranium in Iraq

CADU 30: January 2009
DU Made into Cooking Pots
Doctor Convicted of Terrorism: DU Effects Were Motivation

CADU 22: December 2005
UNEP Releases First Toxic Hot Spot Survey

CADU 21: August 2005
Researchers Claim Birth Defects Rising Across Southern & Central Iraq

CADU 20: March 2005
Iraqi Child Leukemia Victim Dies in Japan

CADU 18: September 2004
UNEP to Study Environmental Hotspots in Iraq

CADU 17: Spring 2004
MoD Issues DU Warning Card to Troops
Dutch Troops Moved Belatedly from Same Contaminated Area
Iraqis at Risk of DU Contaminated Scrap Metal
Japanese Hostage was Anti-DU Campaigner

CADU 16: Winter 2003/04
British Government Says No Central Register of DU in Iraq Kept

CADU 15: Summer 2003
Secrecy and Lies
The Contamination Continues- No Clean up in Iraq
Levels of Radioactivity in Iraq
Uranium Yellowcake Contamination
Iraqi Scientists Visit Japan

CADU 14: Spring 2003
In the Hands of Fools - Iraq Contaminated Again
The Fight for Decontamination in Iraq Begins

CADU 13: Winter 2002/03
No War On Iraq

CADU 12: Autumn 2002
DU Horrors to be Repeated In Iraq?
Iraq Study Finds Rising Incidence of Babies Borne with Down's Syndrome

CADU 11: Summer 2002
BBC Slammed for Speaking Truth
European Solidarity Delegation to Iraq
Quakers Reject Sanctions Policy
Iraq Says UK and US Blocking Cancer Drugs

CADU 10: Spring 2002
International DU Conference Held in Baghdad
CADU's Position on Potential UK/US Attacks on Iraq

CADU 9: Winter 2001/2002
A Chamber of Horrors So Close to the "Garden of Eden"
UN General Assembly Votes Against DU Study
Three Poems From Iraq

CADU 8: Summer 2001
Too Many Babies Without Eyes
WHO to Assess DU in Iraq

CADU 7: Spring 2001
Depleted Uranium in Iraq and Gulf War Veterans
Potential Health Effects

CADU 6: Winter 2000/2001
Veterans For Peace - Relief to Iraq
Iraqis and Former GIs to Sue US Over DU
Sheffield Delegation to Iraq

CADU 4: Autumn 2000
US Veterans to go to Iraq to Rebuild Water-Treatment Facilities

CADU 3: Winter 1999/2000
Iraq has DU
Day for the People of Iraq, 1 April 2000

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