Campaign Against Depleted Uranium

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Links to Further Information

The International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons

International Depleted Uranium Study Team

Low Level Radiation Campaign

International Action Center

Uranium Medical Reasearch Centre

The Laka Foundation is a documentation and research centre on nuclear energy. It has a good online library section on depleted uranium

World Information Service on Energy

German language DU Website

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Depleted Uranium in Yugoslavia

DU in YU

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Other Campaigning Groups Working on Related Issues

International Peace Bureau

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

Greater Manchester and District CND

Campaign Against the Arms Trade

Reaching Critical Will is a project to achieve a critical mass of political will for nuclear disarmament. It's website has a great collection of information on all issues relating to disarmament and a world-wide database of peace groups and materials.

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Indy Media (UK) - real news.


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