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Other Countries Affected By Depleted Uranium

This page has links to articles about DU and countries other than Iraq or the Balkans.


CADU News 28 : May 2008
Further confusion about DU use in Afghanistan

CADU News 20 : March 2005
ICBUW to Survey Afghan DU Sites?

CADU News 13 : Winter 2002/3
Afghanistan: The Nuclear Nightmare Starts

CADU News 12 : Summer 2002
US Senator Admits DU used in Afghanistan?
Depleted uranium detected at Kandahar airfield

CADU News 11 : Summer 2002
Council of European Union: No DU Was Used in Afghanistan

CADU News 10 : Spring 2002
DU Afghanistan Report Available
US Hypocrisy on DU in Afghanistan

CADU News 9 : Winter 2001/2002
Is DU Being Used in Afghanistan?
Comment on the War on Terrorism


CADU News 23: June 2006
Fourth Australian Uranium Mine on Brink of Going Ahead

CADU News 22: December 2005
Country's biggest uranium and copper mine threatens unique desert ecosystem.

CADU News 21: August 2005
Australian Government Takes Control of Northern Territory's Deposits As Uranium Rush Hits

CADU News 16: Winter 2003/04
Australia To Buy US DU Tank


CADU News 23: June 2006
Italian DU Commission Publishes Findings

CADU News 22: December 2005
Sardinian village becomes DU free zone

CADU News 18: September 2004
Italy: Justice for a veteran's family in DU related case

CADU News 17: Spring 2004
DU in Sardinia

CADU News 10 : Spring 2002
DU in Sardinia


CADU News 11 : Summer 2002
Unconfirmed: DU Bullets Used Against the Palestinians


CADU News 21: August 2005
U.S. Navy Tried to Rig Vieques Referendum

CADU News 18: September 2004
Vieques Bomb Targets Proposed for Superfund Listing

CADU News 14: Spring 2003
Vieques to Close But the Struggle Continues

CADU News 13: Winter 2002/3
Victory in Vieques!!

CADU News 12: Autumn 2002
US Bombs Vieques Again

CADU News 11 : Summer 2002
Campaign to Adopt to a Vieques Prisoner Conscience

CADU News 10 : Spring 2002
Six Deaths in Vieques

CADU News 8 : Summer 2001
People in Solidarity with Vieques - March on the Belly of the Beast

CADU News 7 : Spring 2001
People Power

CADU News 4: Autumn 2000
Over 100 Puerto Ricans Jailed

CADU News 3 : Winter 1999/2000
From Puerto Rico to Scotland - DU Campaigners Chase DU Across the Atlantic


CADU News 16: Winter 2003/4
Korean Island Bombed with DU
Japanese Government Doesn't Even Know If It Is Risking its Troops to DU Exposure

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