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Gulf Vets warn against use of DU in future war on Iraq

Two Gulf War Veterans have issued a `Two part warning to the Citizens of the world - "Do Not Use Depleted Uranium Munitions Again".

The statement, put out in Jan this year, was issued by Dr. Doug Rokke, former U.S. Army's DU team health physicist, and former U.S. Army's DU Project Director and George Angus Parker, formerly Sgt with the 1st Field Laboratory Unit, Biological-Warfare Detection Unit, Porton Down.

Rokke gives a detailed report on his involvement with DU, ending with this conclusion "As the military and civilian leaders of the United States and Great Britain contemplate pre-emptive attacks on the nation of Iraq; the citizens of the world, all humanitarian agencies, the United Nations and all concerned law-abiding governments of the world must raise a unified voice to ban the use of depleted uranium munitions and force those nations that have used depleted uranium munitions to recognize the immoral consequences of their actions and assume responsibility for medical care and thorough environmental remediation. A nation's military personnel cannot wilfully contaminate any other nation, cause harm to persons and the environment and then ignore the consequences of their actions. To do so is a crime against GOD and humanity!!! WE MUST DO WHAT IS RIGHT FOR GOD AND THE CITIZENS OF THE WORLD — BAN DU !!!"

Parker begins by saying that "war is nothing more than a monument to the incompetence of politicians and their advisors.". He adds his support to the facts about DU laid down by Rokke, and goes on to say that witnessing the suffering of Gulf War vets and their families has had a dramatic effect on the way he views future military deployments. "Rather than valued members of society owed a debt of honour for defending the state, I am now aware that armed forces personnel are considered as disposable items. Something to be used, abused and then discarded when broken. Furthermore, when made ill by the use of politically sensitive weapons such as DU, they are an expensive embarrassment to be silenced when voicing concerns." Parker concludes "It is my sincere and heartfelt belief that until such time as the UK and US governments can properly care for ill and dying veterans of war, they should refrain from deploying members of the armed forces overseas. As for the contention should we invade Iraq again, this time to overthrow the government of that country? I contest the rationale, competency and therefore the relevance of the question".

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