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The Ministry of Defence Launches Challenge to Recognition of "Gulf War Syndrome"

In previous editions of CADU News we covered the case of Shaun Rusling, who served as a sergeant during the Gulf conflict and subsequently developed various medical problems. Mr Rusling won his case when The Pension Appeal Tribunal formally accepted last year that Gulf War Syndrome was attributable to military service and said the MoD should pay him a pension for his illness. The MoD however are appealing this claiming that while that some Gulf veterans have been suffering from illnesses, these do not represent a "syndrome" in the sense of a defined set of symptoms. The case is very important as it was the first legal recognition of Gulf War Syndrome and its outcome could have repercussions for hundreds of veterans of the 1991 conflict and any new cases that arise from the current Gulf war. In the wake of the present attack, Paul Tyler, the Liberal Democrats' shadow leader of the Commons said it was "not only insensitive, but frankly scandalous that the MoD refuses to recognise the illnesses of Gulf war veterans."

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