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Independent Gulf War Syndrome Inquiry in London

An independent inquiry into Gulf War Syndrome has been set up in London to establish the facts about Gulf war illnesses and resolve the long-standing dispute over their causes. The independent inquiry is funded by an anonymous donor and headed by former law lord, Lord Lloyd of Berwick.

The inquiry will consider all aspects of potential harm to soldiers, including vaccines, chemical weapons and depleted uranium. The announcement of the inquiry has been very embarrassing for the government which has always refused to hold a public inquiry. The Government responded by saying it would be inappropriate for ministers to give evidence and by writing to scientists paid to research illnesses in veterans warning them not to reveal ongoing findings.

The kind of obstructive behaviour shows the arrogance of the government, more interested in saving face than finding the truth about what happened to soldiers who served in the war.

Lord Lloyd will announce shortly when he will reveal his findings.

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Page last updated: January 28, 2003