Campaign Against Depleted Uranium

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The Health Effects of Depleted Uranium

CADU 30: January 2009
Gulf War Illness Report Shows Cancers Ignored by US Government Scientists

CADU 21: August 2005
We Need Your Help - New Research Projects Planned

CADU 18: September 2004
Government Scientists Downplaying DU Risks
CERRIE Fails to Find Agreement

CADU 16: Winter 2003/04
ATSDR Study Finds DU Site Could Have Caused Lung Cancer and Kidney Disease

CADU 15: Summer 2003
A Missed Opportunity
New Organisation: World Committee on Radiation Risk (WCRR)

CADU 14: Spring 2003
Very Significant New Study into Chromosomal Damage Caused by DU
The Royal Society Debacle

CADU 12: Autumn 2002
Children At DU Risk
New Paper On the Internal Effects of Low Level Radiation
Low Levels of Radiation Found to be a Cancer Risk

CADU 11: Summer 2002
DU in Sardinia
Nuclear Safety Experts to Evaluate Risk to Public of DU in Old Aircraft Parts
Response to Royal Society Report

CADU 10: Spring 2002
MOD Admits DU May Damage Health
Second Part of Royal Society Report Into DU
US Cancers Attributable to Nuclear Testing Fall-Out
16th Low-Level Radiation & Health Conference

CADU 9: Winter 2001/2002
Government Study Links Gulf War and Fatale Disease
We Don't Like You but We Need You: Collective Dose
Peace Bureau Awards Prize to Dr Rosalie Bertell
DU in Congress

CADU 8: Summer 2001
The Royal Society - A Royal Whitewash?
Russian Government Finds DU Dangerous
Too Many Babies Without Eyes
WHO to Assess DU in Iraq
War Veterans Hail News on Radiation Tests

CADU 7: Spring 2001
WHO and DU
Chernobyl Research on Birth Mutations
Royal Society Report
Potential Health Effects
The Use of Uranium in Munitions & Industry at the European Parliament
Reponse to the Royal Society Report

CADU 6: Winter 2000/2001
New US Vice President - Comment on DU

CADU 4: Autumn 2000
NAS Study on Gulf War

CADU 3: Winter 1999/2000
DU Contaminated With Plutonium and Neptunium
More News From the US
Uranium Hexafluoride, Recycling and US Workers Health
The Royal Society Investigation - "Not So Independent"

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